Point of Sale

The Point of Sale (POS) by Scarlet Software offers a number of advantages to the small and large businesses alike. Special care was taken to make the software as easy to use as possible whilst maintaining a super fast user interface. Written with the Maltese market in mind, the POS ensures it covers all the local requirements. Amongst other features, it includes:

Key Features
  • Works in disconnected mode - Not just the POS, but the whole system will work even when the computer is disconnected from the network, allowing full functionality of the software even by sales representatives without network coverage.
  • Improved performance - The system keeps a local cached copy of the key data so that data access is not jeopardised by slow networks.
  • Customisable interface - The POS caters for different needs. It has different modules, such as restaurant functionality, which can be enabled/configured according to the customer's needs.
  • Ease of use - This was a main priority when designing the system. It is intended to be used even by non skilled workers.
  • Inventory management - The POS is tightly linked to the inventory management system, keeping track of stock levels, suggested reordering, different categorisation of stock etc.
  • No additional hardware required - You do not need to buy expensive servers and licences. All you need to get started is a small computer which probably you already have.
  • Multi location - As your business expands, so do your regional requirements. Even if you are expanding your business outside Malta, adding additional locations is a piece of cake.
  • Access from anywhere - There is no need to be tied up to the office. Out of the box; the application will run seamlessly even from the comfort of your home without using any VPN connections or any advanced network configuration.
  • Default price per customer and location - The system caters for multiple prices to be assigned to each product. Different customers can be differentiated and assigned different default prices. The same applies to different locations, e.g. your retail outlet in Sliema will have premium prices when compared to the others you have around Malta.
  • Touch screen and barcode input - Together with the usual barcode and other search facilities, the POS allows for the ease of use through a touch screen, with configurations of different button sizes and images.
  • Restaurant System - This allows to print orders to different areas in your shop, example to the bar, kitchen and pizzeria. It caters for orders by table and/or client etc.
  • BCRS Ready - The system implements full functionality as needed by the Beverage Container Recycling Schem (BCRS) introduced in Malta in Novemebr 2022.